Saturday, June 6, 2009

Spring Break--Magical!

For spring break this year, we traveled to Orlando once again. This was also a tag-along to one of Emily's band trips. They marched in a parade and did a recording session with one of Disney's professional musicians and had a great time. We picked Emily up in Orlando, saving her from a long bus trip home, and spent 3+ days at Disney.
Our first stop was the Magic Kingdom--we arrived about 6 pm on Sunday night and stayed in the park until about 1:30. Disney sure is different with teens, I must say. The lines were low and we got to do a lot, but we also got the "blooper tour" of the MK that night...let's see, something went wrong in Space Mountain and we got to see the inside of the dome with all the lights on....then in the middle of the Jungle Cruise our boat died and we had to be rescued and towed back to the dock...all of which, I must say, was really pretty fun and interesting. I'm sure if we'd had little kids they might have been scarred for life, as our jungle boat stopped right at the point where the huge hippo head comes out of the water and approaches the boat. (After about the third time, it stops looking so scary :)
Over the next three days we did the other three parks and although we all have a soft spot in our hearts for the Magic Kingdom, we probably have the most fun with our teens at Hollywood Studios. The Rock-N-Roller Coaster is something that we as a family can't get enough of! We rode it three times this trip.
I was really looking forward to riding Expedition Everest at AK for the first time, and I must say I was disappointed. I wanted it to be a LOT scarier. It did feel kind of authentic because it was so cold the day we went there--forget the water parks for this trip, please!
I truly enjoyed and appreciated this week with my kids, who are growing up at a dizzying rate. With DD leaving for college in August, I treasure family time even more these days because I know I'll miss it--this may have even been the last big vacation for just the four of us. All in all, a magical week!!


  1. So glad you all got to spend this time together!! I think my niece's high school band (from New Milford or somewhere in Connecticut) also played at Disney during that time frame ... she was even on TV. Anyway...what exciting times you all got to have there at MK - you're right - a younger kid might have FREAKED! LOL I love family vacations - we are trying to schedule one the week after July 4th. I think we'll die if we don't get out of Missouri soon!!! :)

  2. And thanks so much for having lunch with us too during your trip! I chuckled when I read about Space Mountain - that happens quite frequently, and is most likely the reason why Space Mountain has been shut down for MAJOR updating. And I can't believe Everst wasn't scary for you!! I've been on it twice, and I don't think I'll go again. So glad you had a great family time together!