Friday, April 17, 2009

Why I Facebook


Look at these smiling faces.
This is why I facebook.
Because without facebook, these kids may have never met.
The "big kids" are mine, the "little kids" belong to a friend from high school. And I don't think my hubby and I (who graduated high school in the same class) had seen this particular friend since graduation. I won't say exactly how many years that has been, let's just say we hadn't seen each other in a long time!
Anyway, I had kind of heard what our friend Scott had been up to over the years through a mutual friend, but it sure was good to see him again. When I went to my last reunion there were so many people I didn't know. Makes me wonder if I have changed that much too! But Scott is certainly aging gracefully and I would have known him anywhere.
We recently vacationed in the area that Scott's family calls home. So we had the opportunity to meet for lunch. The guys mostly did the "catching up" part, and I so enjoyed meeting Scott's wonderful family. I already felt like I knew his wife (thanks again, facebook!), but it was great to get to know her in person, and their two kids are wonderful--an intelligent and kind son, and a giggly little daughter that I can only describe as a huge bundle of personality in a tiny, cute package. What fun they were! Almost made me sad that my kids are so grown up--there are so many little things that I don't even remember to miss until I get around younger kids again...
So, it was great to see Scott again, to meet his beautiful family, and to share a meal and conversation which covered everything from Disney princesses to Pokemon to guitars to Broadway to the Three Star Mall! It was a great way to kick off our spring break, which maybe I'll write more about later. Frankly, I'm still trying to catch up on my sleep more than a week later!
But every time I look at the above photo, I'll remember why I facebook. Do you?
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